The Grateful Dog Hiking Adventures

Whether it is just a busy day where your best friend has to stay home all day, if you are visiting Victoria and want to see the sights your dog can't go to or if you work all day......Your dog(s) would absolutely LOVE to join myself, Banjo, Willow, Timber, Ocean and all of their friends on an exciting off leash adventure in some of the most beautiful parks in the Victoria Area. Whether it is a trip to the beach and a hike along the sand for the day, an excursion to one of the many lakes or a mountain adventure, your dog(s) will be sure to come home with a smile on their face. All of the dogs love hiking, running, chasing and playing with each other while romping around on an amazing adventure every day.

Some of the places we go:

Mt. Work and Area
• Scafe Hill
• Thetis Lake
• Stewart Mountain
• Matheson Lake
• East Sooke Park
• Island View Beach
• Parker Beach
• Mt. Douglas
• Elk/Beaver Lake
• and many others........

Safety is my number one priority so dogs will always be on leash if we occasionally have to go near a road for any reason, even if they are very good off leash.

The Grateful Dog House

My dogs mean the world to me and if I had to leave them for any reason, I would want them to feel just as loved and comfortable as they are when I am home. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to The Grateful Dog House. On this 1+ acre fully fenced and secure property, I would like to invite your dog(s) to come and stay with myself

Banjo, Willow, Timber, Ocean and their buddies in a beautiful country setting near Beaver/Elk lake. Your dogs will enjoy sleeping next to the fire, cuddling with myself and just being treated as an adopted part of our family in a warm and loving atmosphere until you return. There are no kennels here. They have run of the house and unless they feel more comfortable in their own kennels....they can sleep wherever they'd like. So next time you are going away, your dog would love to come to the doghouse, their home away from home.

Watch out for this sign for the entrance to The Doghouse